Business Start-up Solutions

New GateWay Solutions offers supportive services to both for-profit and
nonprofit business startups:

i. We work with our program participants wishing to start a business, but are unsure of how to go          about achieving it. New GateWay comes alongside this potential business owner and walks with        them through the startup process, step by step.
ii. We work alongside small businesses needing a little encouragement or a push forward.
iii. We help nonprofit organizations needing advice on how to strengthen their organization

The services we offer include:

a. Business registration, acquisition of business license(s).
b. Business plan development.
c. Mentorship in management, marketing and human resources.
d. Filling vacancies within the business.
e. Technology plan and implementation.
f. Administrative services, budgeting and book keeping.
g. Referrals for financial and legal advice.

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