Career Solutions

New GateWay Solutions Career Solutions program, offers the following:                                         Search for Jobs.

a. Initial Consultation - One hour initial consultation aimed at understanding the
    applicant’s needs and providing information on the solutions provided by New GateWay.

b. One-on-one Career Coaching - A customized plan will be designed with a step by step approach to securing and maintaining viable employment. The plan            may include the following components:
     •     Resume assistance
     •     Interviewing preparation
     •     On-the-job training as required
     •     Job search

i) Resume Assistance - Our HR experts will review each resume and focus on how it can be strengthened in order to successfully pass phase one of the                  hiring process. The coach will then work with the program participant to implement the expert’s recommendations. The coach will also teach the participant          how to amend the resume to suit the each position being pursued.

ii) Interviewing Preparation - Participants will be given tips for completing a successful interview. Such tips will include dress, eye contact, answering and asking       questions and follow-up. The participant will also be invited to a mock interview made up of a panel of hiring experts. The mock interview will be closely                designed to suit the position for which the participant is applying. Recommendations will be given to the participant at the end of each mock interview.

iii) Workshops/Conferences/Job fairs - In an effort to support each participant’s personal development, coaches may recommend attendance at specific training        workshops, conferences and job fairs deemed necessary to prepare for the position being pursued.

iv) Job Search - Targeted job searches will be conducted with the assistance of the coach. Coaches will provide every level of support during the job search. For      some participants this may require sitting and helping with the step by step electronic process. For others it may only entail sending the job leads for the                positions for which that participant is qualified. In all cases the coach will monitor the job search process and make recommendations for change when                  necessary.

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