New GateWay Solutions Partnership

Our partners are vital to our success in caring for our unemployed and underemployed community. Our partners are those who are willing to work alongside us to provide on-the-job training and other resources needed to help our clients succeed. If you own, operate or manage a business, a nonprofit organization, a church, a training institution; a staffing or recruiting agency, we need you to partner with us in our mission to change lives.

Our Partners Receives

1.   A link to their website from our website on our                  partners’ page. Right now we are partnering with 12       businesses, including two staffing companies.

2.   Addition to the list of organizations we refer our               clients to.

3.   Discounts on our web design and computer repair           services.

4.   Assistance to employees during any type of                     downsizing.

5.   Free qualified short term workers through our                 on-the -job-training program.

6.   Access to all training and events organized by New         GateWay.

New GateWay Receives

1.   Establishment of an affiliation with your company             and the permission to add your company name to           our partner network and your website link to our             website.

2.   Consideration of on-the-job training requests coming       from New GateWay Solutions.

3.   An invitation to your company’s networking events.

4.   Access to volunteers.

5.   Any other support that may be deemed appropriate.

              Partner with us

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