Training Solutions

New GateWay Solutions offers training as the main ‘gateway’ to our ‘solutions’. A program of both online training and engaging live instruction is offered to strengthen those serviced, as follows:

      a.         Employment seekers:
                  Training is offered to participants requiring specific skills (e.g. MS Office Suite, computer use, office protocol) in order to be successfully employed in                     the career being pursued.
      b.         Career change Preparation Candidates:
                  A training plan and implementation designed for participants wishing to change careers is offered. Training is provided both in-house and at external                     training institutions to ensure that career change goals are met.
      c.         First Time Career Preparation:
                  A series of training programs is offered for high school and college graduates wishing to pursue a specific career. Coaches are available to assist in                     selecting the career path, in completing the training program and in selecting the required on-the-job training assignments.
      d.         On-the-job training:
                  The on-the-job training program is available to all employment seekers wishing to acquire additional work experience for the position they are                                 seeking. On-the-job training will be provided in-house as well as through our partner network of businesses.
      e.         New business startup owners:
                  Training in the day to day basics of office management, marketing and human resource management is provided to owners of startup businesses in                     order to assist them in running an efficient organization.
      f.         Technology:
                  Training in various aspect of Technology is provided for employment seekers, startup businesses and in-house staff to ensure efficient functioning in                     their current or future positions.
      g.         In-house Training:   Coaches, Mentors, Interns, Tech staff.
                  In order to ensure the efficient operation of New GateWay Solutions as well as the delivery of a effective product to our participants, an on-going                           cadre of training products, both online and live, are offered to New GateWay employees.

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